Dog Obedience Training: 5 Tricks For House Training a Puppy


Dog Obedience Training: 5 Tricks For House Training a Puppy

Taking care of a pet dog requires more than feeding it and providing its home. Therefore, as dog owners, our goal is to teach them the basics of dog obedience training to behave appropriately in everyday situations. But before starting their exercise, it’s essential to bring dog treats that will act as a reward for their excellent behavior. However, which basic tricks should dog owners teach their pets?

1. Pick Up Toys

Picking up toys is one of the most basic puppy tricks to teach. It is a very convenient trick for them, especially if we are not home for long hours. It’s an excellent way for them to pass the time because they will be able to play on their own.

It’s effortless to teach this trick. All we have to do is put the toy on the floor and shout out the command. We can also encourage dogs to pick up the toy as the command can stimulate their brain. However, always remember to reward them with treats after learning the order.

2. Stay

Another fundamental dog training trick is to teach them to stay. It’s very convenient to have dogs stay somewhere if we have to run errands or go somewhere. To prepare the trick, dog owners have to give them a command that indicates staying in a particular place.

We have to be patient in training them to stay because they might not understand the command initially. But when dogs finally get the idea of the command, we should reward them with a treat and consider it a success.

3. Come

Tell them to come with a whistle or a verbal command. Dogs must learn this command immediately because it’s beneficial while increasing their bond with their owner. Dog training is not an easy task, but the more we teach them, the more they will learn. It’s essential to stick to the basics of their training.

4. Lie Down

The trick of lying down is also handy in everyday situations. We can use it to tell them to be still in one place. We have to ask them to lie down using a command to teach them this trick.

We also have to use a command to tell them to stand up. However, we shouldn’t do this when we want dogs to lie down. If we want them to stand up, we should use a command and a hand gesture. It’s a good idea to train them to lie down and stand up separately.

5. Drop it

Ensure that your dog has learned to lie down before teaching them to “drop it.” It would be beneficial if they did because they will be calm and obedient when they are in that position. We have to hide a treat inside our hands and ask them to “take it” to teach the trick. But when they finally reached out to grab the goodies, we had to say the command “drop it.” They will automatically drop the treat on the floor. Try to stay patient in teaching the order until they get the idea of the trick.


Becoming a dog owner is not an easy job. We have to take care of them in every way possible. So, it’s essential to teach them the basic puppy tricks to make them more disciplined and obedient in the long term. But for it to be effective, we have to be consistent in our training.

Dog Obedience Training aims to teach dog owners the basics of house training a puppy. We hope to impart knowledge to our readers and help them prepare their dogs the proper way to behave in everyday situations through our blogs. Check out our most recent blogs and learn how to take care of our pets better.

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