Dog Greeting Etiquette: Training Your Dog to Not Jump on People


Dog Greeting Etiquette: Training Your Dog to Not Jump on People

Dogs’ jumping on you for some petting and hugs is acceptable behavior when you’re sitting down or when you ask for it. But it becomes a real problem if they have the tendency to do it unexpectedly whenever you enter the door. 

While the gesture is sweet and cute, it will not be helpful or safe for a dog to jump and push you back a little if you were to walk in with plenty of groceries or a baby in your arms. On top of that, inviting a guest over who may be a little bit apprehensive about dogs may also feel uncomfortable or threatened by this behavior. 

Luckily, like most behaviors, you can train your dog to contain their excitement and wait for the right time to do so. Here are some dog training tips for this issue.

How to Train Your Dog to Not Jump on People

1. Do Not Reward the Behavior

Keep in mind that dogs learn through conditioning their behaviors through a response system. If they do something right and get a treat, they will eventually keep doing things right without expecting the treat after. Training them to not do something is almost the same as training them to do something, with a bit of a twist in the system.

When your dog jumps on you as you enter, step back and don’t give them the attention that they want right away. If you pet them, hug them, or carry them after jumping on you, it lets them know that you’re completely fine with it. But if you set boundaries and tell them not to jump on you, they will eventually back up and give you the space you need to walk inside with all your stuff in peace. 

2. Use “Sit” and “Stay” Commands 

Training a dog to sit down and stay in place are some of the first tricks that dog owners often use on their pets. It allows them to contain their energy, compose themselves, and put them in a stance to take other commands. 

If you got this one already nailed down, then all you have to do is use it on them as you enter the house. They will eventually pick up on the rule that they will stay put as you enter without you having to command them. 

But for owners who have yet to teach them these commands, you can check out this article for more help!

3. Always Enter Ahead of Guests

For guests who are apprehensive about dogs, it is best for you to enter first to give your dogs the sign to back off. Have someone around in training do the first step so that they learn that it’s not acceptable to jump on anyone as they enter the home. 

The Bottom Line 

Dogs are naturally always excited to see their owners and guests when they enter the door. And while it is an endearing gesture, it is necessary to help them control their energy and excitement until you close the door behind you. The tips we’ve shared above will help guide you through training the behavior out of them, and all it takes is some patience and help from loved ones.

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