Some Tips on How to Teach Your Dog the Command “Drop It”


Some Tips on How to Teach Your Dog the Command “Drop It”

You can be sure your dog will not be part of the problem if it knows how to drop an item. Letting your dog drop what it has in its mouth before giving it to you also trains your dog to let go of things that are not intended for them. If it has a ball, for example, and you call it to you, it should drop the ball and come running to you.

Teaching a Dog How to Drop Things

When the dog grabs an object, command “drop it.” When it does, give the dog a small treat, praise it, and show it the release command by putting your hand toward the dog in a “thumbs up” position, palm facing away from the dog. 

The trick is associating the command with a treat, so the dog drops the object to get a treat. Repeat this process over and over until you see the dog anticipating the order and pleasing you by dropping what it has in its mouth. 

To train your dog and make it more fun, use small dog treats or special dog bones, and play with your dog after the command is performed.

Tips to Get Started

Command and Treat

Dogs learn from repetition, so be careful not to overdo this lesson by repeating it too much. Like how people learn, dogs learn from repetition and association, so add the word “drop it” as you offer a treat. Also, when your dog does, say “perfect” and give the release command.

Practice with an Object That Can be Dropped Easily

Toys are a more fun way to practice. Start with a toy your dog is familiar with. You can use their favorite toys first to get them more excited.

Keep Practice Sessions Short

Keep your practice sessions short so that your dog doesn’t become frustrated.

Practice in Different Locations

Practice in locations with distractions, such as other dogs or children. Be careful not to allow your dog to play with other dogs or children until you have taught the dog to drop.

Keep Your Training Area Fun

Keep your training area fun, and include food and toys. When the dog is successful at one toy, switch to another.

Do Not Grab Items From Their Mouth

Never try to grab a toy from your dog’s mouth because it will only cause it to keep biting down on the item. Just use the “drop it” command to signal the dog to release the object.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Like humans, dogs would love it best to respond to positive reinforcements. It is proven to be the most effective way. 

Keep training positive, and your dog will be successful. The animals will be less stressed, happier, and more eager to please, so you and your dog can have the best relationship possible.


Remember, the key to training your dog is to keep it fun and upbeat. Ensure you are happy, positive, and confident when training to keep your dog positive and eager to learn. Moreover, learning to follow the steps above can guarantee that your dog will learn their new tricks gently yet surely.

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