Your Dog Will Sleep in Their Own Bed with These 3 Steps

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Your Dog Will Sleep in Their Own Bed with These 3 Steps

Keeping a dog means taking in all the responsibilities for their well-being. Even your dog needs a comfortable sleep to feel their best the next day. 

You may have bought new canine sleeping accommodations if you’ve run out of room in your own bed or simply don’t want to share your bed with your dog anymore. 

It may appear that teaching your dog to sleep on their own bed is a difficult task filled with guilt, such as the fear that your dog believes you no longer love them because you persuade them to sleep on the floor. 

It can be tough to detach yourself from the need to sleep with your dog, but training them to sleep in their own bed comfortably is simple. If you follow these training suggestions, you can train your dog to sleep in their own bed comfortably and contentedly.

Select the Perfect Dog Bed

The first step is to find a bed that is appropriate for your dog. Selecting the ideal dog bed is similar to finding the right pillow for yourself. You may need to try a few options before discovering the right one, but your dog will let you know when you’ve found it. 

Consider your dog’s sleeping habits. If they prefer to sleep curled up in a ball, a bed with sides and a size that isn’t much larger than your dog’s body length should suffice. Soft sidewalls of dog beds keep your dog’s body heat in while also making them feel loved and protected when sleeping. 

If your dog prefers to sprawl out and can’t seem to get enough space while they sleep, a flatbed with plenty of stretching area will make them extremely pleased.

Find the Right Timing

Patience and repetition are all it takes to teach your dog to sleep in their own bed. It may take two or three restless nights for your dog to realize that they are no longer sleeping in your bed and are instead sleeping somewhere else. 

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll lose patience, which is crucial when training your dog something new. If you decide to really commit to training your dog to sleep on their own bed, do so over the weekend or when your schedule is a little more flexible. 

This will allow you to compensate for any sleep lost during those critical training evenings.

Be Consistent with Training

Teach your dog what “settle down” means as the first step in teaching them to sleep in their own bed. “Settle down” is a simple addition to the “down” command once your dog has mastered it. 

Bring your dog to their bed and say “sit down” with a reward in your hand. Hold the treat between your fingers and place it slightly in front of and between your dog’s front legs if they need assistance getting into the down position. 

Say something like “excellent, calm down!” and give them the treat when they lay down to obtain a better angle at the goodie. When you notice your dog relaxing in their new bed throughout the day, you can say “nice, settle down” to help them learn what “settle down” means. 

Your dog should quickly learn to settle down on their new bed with practice and positive reward.


Introducing your dog to a new method of sleep takes some effort up front, but once finished, it results in plenty of extra legroom.

A confident, contented, and beloved dog recognizes what you want and loves to make you happy. While removing your dog from your bed may appear harsh, they will happily adapt to the new location if you offer them a comfortable alternative and express your delight when you find them relaxing in it.

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