Pawrenting 101: Tips on How to Start the Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Pawrenting 101: Tips on How to Start the Puppy Training

The first weeks of parenthood can be tiring yet fulfilling. You are responsible for keeping them alive and healthy from when your little one is born. You are also responsible for their emotional well-being. It is a lot of responsibility but also a gratifying experience.

As a pawrent, you know the feeling of excitement and nervousness when your puppy first arrives in your home. You want to ensure they have everything they need and feel comfortable and happy in their new surroundings. The first few days and weeks are a learning process for you and your puppy as you get to know each other and determine what works best for you. But it is all worth it when you see that tail wagging and that happy face looking up at you.

As a pawrent, you want your furry friend to be well-behaved. After all, you want them to be a good family member. It is why you need to carry out pro-active puppy training. If so, please read this article carefully. 

Crate Puppy Training

Crate training your puppy can be a great way to help them adjust to their new home and keep them safe and out of trouble when you cannot supervise them. The following are a few tips to get you started: 

  • Before starting puppy training, please choose the right size crate. Your fur baby should be comfortable enough to stand up.
  • Put the crate in a quiet, safe place in your home. 
  • Introduce your puppy to the crate gradually. Start by feeding its meals in the cage, tossing a few treats inside, and let them explore the crate independently.
  • Never use the crate as a punishment. 
  • Be patient and consistent with puppy training. Like with most things in life, crate training takes time and patience. But if you are consistent, your fur baby will soon learn to love their crate as their own special space.

Potty Training

Potty training your puppy does not have to be a daunting task. With patience and consistency, you can teach your furry friend to use the potty in no time. Below are tips to get you started:

  • Choose a designated potty area: Pick a spot outside that you would like your puppy to use as their potty spot. Choosing a place that is easily accessible and free of distractions is essential. 
  • Schedule potty breaks: Take your puppy out to their potty spot regularly, especially after meals and naps. It will help them get into a potty routine. 
  • Reward good behavior: When your puppy uses the potty in their designated spot, praise them and give them a treat. It will reinforce positive behavior and help them learn that they are doing something good.

You can successfully potty train your puppy with time and effort. Be patient and consistent, and soon you will have a well-trained pup!


If you want to succeed in puppy training, you must be consistent. Puppies learn best when rewarded for good behavior and consistently punished for bad behavior. You also need to be patient, as puppies can be very stubborn. Finally, make sure to have fun while training your puppy, as they will sense your energy, making the process more enjoyable.You should check the other articles from Dog Obedience Training to learn more about puppy training. We are your partners in establishing a better relationship with your fur baby, so subscribe to our newsletter now!

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