5 Signs Your Canine Companion Is Stressed

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5 Signs Your Canine Companion Is Stressed

Dogs and humans share many of the same emotional struggles, and that includes stress and anxiety. Learning to understand and manage your dog’s emotions can help you prevent behavior problems and ensure that your dog lives a healthy, happy life. As a pet parent, you need to be able to tell if your furry companion is stressed or anxious in order to prevent bad behavior and help them live a better, happier life. Here are some of the signs of anxiousness and stress in dogs that you should know about.

1. Inability to Settle and Relax

An anxious dog will run around, pace, and whine when there is nothing else to do. The dog will bark in response to noises that are very common to the household, like closing doors or taking the trash out.

In order to help them relax, you will have to play with your dog for at least 30 minutes. You will have to do it every day, or several times a day, to make your dog relax. You can play with them, try to get their mind off their worries, and have them concentrate on something else.

2. Shaking

A dog that shakes a lot can be an indication of stress and anxiety. This is because the dog is not feeling well and is not relaxed. Dogs that are shaking can be an indication that something is wrong or it is not feeling very well.

What you can do to help your dog relax and make it stop shaking is to play with your dog before you go to bed. Start with a relaxing game, like fetch, or have it do some tricks for you.

3. Freezing in Place

A dog that freezes in place can be a sign of stress and anxiety. Dogs that freeze in place can also be preparing to defend themselves or run away. This dog is preparing for something, and it can be dangerous for itself or for others.

Again, playing with your dog is one of the things that you can do to help. Play with it so that it is more relaxed and forget about the stresses of the day.

4. Destructive Behavior

Dogs that are anxious can destroy things around them. They will destroy their toys and chew on the furniture. Also, your dog can start destroying things in the house without any reason at all.

If you are looking for a way to stop this from happening, you are going to have to take your dog for a walk. Dogs are not destructive if they are getting enough exercise. Take your dog for walks throughout the day to help it relax and to avoid destructive behavior.

5. Unusual Posturing

Dogs that are anxious will have unusual posture. This will be understood by dog owners as the dog being stiff. Your dog’s tail will be tucked between the legs, and it will be hiding behind things and not showing itself.

If you notice your dog doing this, it is a sign that it is not comfortable. Make time to play with your dog so that it can relax and pamper it a little bit.

6. Whining or Barking

Whining or barking can be a sign of stress and anxiety. Dogs that are stressed and anxious are very vocal about it and will bark and whine. This is their way of making sure that you are aware that they are not comfortable.

If your dog is whining, try to figure out what is causing it. Do they need to go outside? Are they bored? Are they in pain? It is important to figure out what is bothering your dog and deal with it accordingly.


Whether you have a puppy or adult dog, you will eventually have to deal with dog anxiety and stress. This happens to dogs that are new to the home or have experienced some kind of trauma. Dogs will experience anxiety and stress, and you have to be able to deal with it.

Teaching your canine companion how to relax and cope with stress is an integral part of obedience training. Not only will it distract them from what stresses them out, but it will also help them become happy and healthy. This is what Dog Obedience Training Blogs is all about. We provide resources on dog obedience training and help pet parents deal with dog behavior problems like dog anxiety, stress, and dog aggression. Check out our latest post today!

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