Learning How To Respect Your Fellow Pack Leaders

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Learning How To Respect Your Fellow Pack Leaders

If you’re a dog lover, you probably know what it feels like to meet new pups wherever you go—that feeling of excitement and the joy of seeing other canine companions who are also glad to meet you. However, even that excitement can be a bit of a bad thing once you start overstepping the boundaries of a fellow pack leader.

A pack leader is basically someone who is in charge of obedience training. Dogs and pups recognize them as the alpha dog and will become obedient followers of the alpha. But if you happen to come across another pack leader such as yourself, make sure you avoid overstepping your fellow alpha’s boundaries. Here are a few guidelines to help you respect the rules and limitations set by other dog parents.

Feeding Limitations

Never ever attempt to feed someone else’s dog without the permission of their dog parents. As with any other pet, food can be a very powerful motivator, especially for dogs. Even the most well-behaved pup can behave differently if presented with food. It has a tendency to bring out negative instincts just by the sight or smell of any tasty treats. Also, you’re not sure if that dog has a particular allergy or sensitivity to certain foods.

No Touch, No Talk

It’s quite easy to be enamored when meeting a new dog, especially a cute and cuddly one that’s just begging for some attention. However, it’s best not to touch, talk, or even make eye contact with them without the owner’s permission. It can be hard to resist, but it’s best to keep your distance at first. By giving the dog attention while they’re in a hyperactive state, you are reinforcing that state. That could easily affect the dog’s behavior, which isn’t always in their best interest. It’s almost as good as rendering the dog’s obedience training to become ineffective.

Biting Isn’t Allowed

No matter how cute a puppy is, it’s never a good thing to allow them to bite you even if it doesn’t hurt you. If you allow puppies to bite you, you’re reinforcing that behavior, which the dog might carry over into adulthood. Help the pack leader by redirecting that behavior towards toys instead.

Keep the Leash

Whenever you have your dog with you, it’s always best to have them on a leash. No matter how best behaved they are, there’s no guarantee that the other dogs will be the same. You might just cause other dogs and pack leaders trouble if you keep yours off the leash. It’s quite possible that other dogs may be undergoing rehabilitation for an issue and your curious but otherwise friendly dog interferes with that. It could also cause the other pack leaders to get nervous, which hurts their ability to maintain that crucial calm-assertive energy. Other pack leaders are not familiar with how in-control your dog will be, but you do. So it’s best to keep your canine companion on a leash and continue on your way.


This guide doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from interacting with other dogs and pack leaders at all. However, it’s important to be considerate about other fur parents and their dogs. It’s always nice to ask permission first and let the pack leader decide if they should allow you to pet their companion.

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