How to Keep Your Dogs Mentally Stimulated: Our Guide

Dogs Mentally Stimulated

How to Keep Your Dogs Mentally Stimulated: Our Guide

One aspect of house training a puppy that goes unnoticed is teaching a dog to keep himself entertained. It is vital to keep your dog mentally stimulated so they do not resort to misbehavior. When your dog is bored, he will find something to do, and one of those might be to chew on your slippers or scratch your doors. If you are looking for ways to keep your dog entertained, here are some suggestions!

1. Take Your Dog On New Walking Routes

Switch up your routine and allow your pet to explore new places. New experiences get a dog thinking, and it will prevent him from becoming bored. Besides new routes, you can keep your pet’s mind sharp by teaching him a new skill or introducing new things to his environment. You can also introduce him to a doggy sport!

2. Make Your Dog Search For His Toys

A dog can be determined what he wants; it is why we have the adjective “dogged!” Take advantage of this tenacity by hiding one of his toys. Hide it in a place where he can discover it, like under a laundry basket. Make sure he sees you put it there too, and observe him as he tries to retrieve his toy. When he manages to grab the toy, praise him just as he grabs it.

If he gets frustrated, take a step back and make the task easier next time. Taking things one step at a time will help them get used to the idea of solving puzzles.

3. Introduce New Words To Your Dog

Find ways for your dog to learn new commands. When you do, you can get them used to new routines as well. For example, if your dog already knows how to go out, you can train him to recognize the phrase “go potty.” When you open the door, and before you let your dog out, you can say “go potty” to have him associate the phrase with what should happen. Dogs pick up on the associations between words and actions, and they learn to anticipate what happens when you give them specific commands.

4. Keep Training Them, Even When They Age

When a dog reaches old age, it can be easy to slack off on obedience training, especially if you have a bright pet who remembers commands swiftly. However, senior dogs are more susceptible to forgetting how to do tricks, especially ones they had not done in a while. It is essential to keep practicing so they do not forget what they have learned.

Also, don’t discount your dog’s ability to learn new things even if in old age. Although it will take a while, your senior dog can still learn new commands. The adage “you can’t teach a dog new tricks” isn’t true!

5. Enroll Your Pet In Training Courses

Even if you’re a hands-on pet parent, you can still benefit from having your dog attend training courses. Even short ones can reinforce what you’ve already learned together. Find dog training classes near you, see what they offer, or purchase an at-home training course you can implement independently.


Keeping a dog mentally stimulated prevents boredom. Switching up your pet’s routine, introducing new commands to him, and providing opportunities for problem-solving will help.

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