3 Ways to Help Anxious Dogs Cope With Visitors to Your Home

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3 Ways to Help Anxious Dogs Cope With Visitors to Your Home

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend, but not all canine buddies can feel at ease when you introduce them to new faces. Some pooches who grew up in an outgoing household may develop extroverted personalities, making them jump for joy at the prospect of having more  playmates at home. 

Other dogs are more cautious around strangers and may instantly go “stranger danger” mode, which can go two ways: they either hide or act aggressively in fear. Whether it’s taming an overzealous or overly-anxious dog, it’s important to help them cope so you don’t have to worry about having to put a leash on your fur babies whenever you throw a party. 

How to Train Your Dog to Feel At Ease with Guests at Home  

Tip #1: Let Your Dog Grow Accustomed to Socializing with Strangers 

Training puppies to open up calmly to strangers is a lot easier than training gentle giants, but the key to letting both overly-excited puppers and withdrawn adults is to let them grow comfortable with people. 

You can do this by taking them on their favorite outdoor adventure around busy parks so they can associate people with a positive activity. So long as they are having fun, they will find it easier to accept house guests over time. 

Tip #2: Create a Dedicated Safe Space in Your Home 

Letting your pets grow comfortable with strangers outside is one thing, but hanging out with a bunch of people in a cramped space at home may rile up their anxiety. In case they feel overwhelmed with the number of new faces wanting to greet them, it’s good to provide a corner where they can hang out and feel safe. 

Reward them with treats every time they rest in this dedicated space so they can learn to wait patiently in this corner when guests arrive. 

Tip #3: Reinforce Important Training Commands 

Parties can be a tiring experience for dogs, but you can improve their stress handling by reinforcing certain training commands that will come in handy once guests start pouring in. Some words you can teach are “stay,” “down,” “sit,” or “no,” all of which can help douse your dog’s excitement. 

Even if they feel better with a visitor’s presence in the room, it also helps to use these command prompts to let your furry friends remember their manners whenever there are people around your home. 

Stranger Danger: Easing Your Furry Pal’s Anxieties When Guests are at Home 

Some pets suffer from extreme anxiety whenever there are new people around, but shielding them from get-togethers will only do more harm than good. Take the time to let your dog grow into a social butterfly so you can throw parties without worry about your dog’s peace of mind.

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