Handy-Dandy Doggy Tips: How To Slow Down a Swift Eater

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Handy-Dandy Doggy Tips: How To Slow Down a Swift Eater

There are two types of dogs — those who take their sweet time munching on their dog food and other furry canines who swallow with no holds barred. Speedy eating dogs can come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, even if it’s quite adorable and funny to watch, it can be dangerous for your dogs.

When your dog eats fast, they are more prone to choking, which is a life-threatening situation for dogs. Besides, when they gag their food, it often leads to vomiting and great discomfort.

Additionally, speedy eaters are also susceptible to bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus or GDV. When dogs have this, their stomachs or intestines expand and twist within the abdomen, leading to life-threatening conditions and shock. 

If you notice that your furry loved ones are swift eaters, don’t panic. There are numerous ways to slow their pace. Here are some dog obedience training tips that could help encourage healthy consumption that your dogs will enjoy. 

1. Use Slow-Feeder Bowls

One of the best ways to slow down your dog’s pace when they eat is by using slow-feed dog bowls. Fortunately, there are a lot of these in the market today, and it does a great job in successfully pacing dogs to eat slower. 

The reason slow-feeder bowls are effective is because of their design. The gaps allow your dogs to reach their food without them gulping huge amounts. 

2. Food Puzzle Toys

Like slow-feeders, food puzzle toys are another convenient way to help slow down your dog’s eating. Basically, these food puzzles are composed of different nooks and crannies where you can squeeze in your dog’s food, making it impossible for them to reach right away. 

Fortunately, there are various styles of food puzzle toys you can choose from — those that you squeeze in peanut butter or snacks into tubes or those that automatically dispense food while your dog plays with the toy.

3. Cooking Sheets or Muffin Pans

With the same idea as the slow-feeder, you can use cookie sheets or muffin pans to help manage your dog’s eating. Spreading your dog’s food across a cooking sheet will make it challenging for your dog to grub on huge amounts of food. This method will force your dogs to take tiny bites and to eat slowly. 

However, remember to secure your pan on the floor or on an elevated surface to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t flip the pan and make a mess on your floor!

4. Hand Feed

For enthusiastic puppies and dogs, sometimes an effective way to train them is by hand feeding them. Dog obedience training and food go hand in hand, so basically, you’re hitting two birds with one stone — you’re teaching them new tricks, and you’re keeping them well-fed.

When you do this, it’s best to work on various tricks for food. But you should remember to break down their food into smaller pieces. This makes mealtime for your dogs more fun without them inhaling large amounts of food. 

The Bottom Line: There are Ways to Slow Down a Speedy Eater

Dogs get incredibly excited in the sight and smell of food. Because of this, they tend to gulp down huge amounts of their treats, putting them at risk for medical complications. 

Fortunately, dog obedience training tricks you can follow so you can ensure that your dog eats at a steady pace and help them avoid any food-related medical conditions. 

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