Does Your Dog Like to Steal? Play These to Train Them Not To


Does Your Dog Like to Steal? Play These to Train Them Not To

Dogs can be very good companions in your house, outside, or anywhere else. However, it is common knowledge that some dogs like the occasional habit of stealing things. 

This can raise some problems because you will never know what your dog may steal from you, which may be very important. Lessen the damage and instill better behavior in your dog by trying out these games. Train your dog from being a mischievous thief to an obeying pet.

Trading with Your Dog

As early as you can, begin trading objects with your dog. It is usually best introduced during your pet’s playtime to be familiar with the action more in a comfortable scenario or environment.

Observe your dog and know what their favorite toy is by checking out what they usually put in their mouth more than anything else. This way, you can pinpoint what you can start your trade with. 

While they have the toy, try trading other objects you think have a higher value for them, making them choose that over the toy. This will be a trial and error phase, and you will need some patience. 

But once you figure out the objects you can trade with your dog, it will be easier to use them when you need to get their attention. Additionally, you can train them with verbal cues like “Drop it” and “Take it” by repeating the trading action many times over. 

With this tactic, you can immediately tell your dog to drop anything they steal in exchange for another thing you have instead of tirelessly chasing after them all the time.

Teaching Them to Leave Something

It can sometimes be frustrating when your pup keeps biting, chewing, or taking away your stuff. But there’s no need to start yelling at your dog and showing signs of actions that they might deem scary. 

By building trust with your dog, you can train them to follow you and make them understand that what they are doing is wrong. You can try the “leave it then get rewarded” system to prevent your dog from unnecessarily stealing things. 

Like trading, you can train your dog with the verbal cue of “Leave it,” then immediately reward them for proving that they are being good by following what you said. Upon disengagement from a particular object, your dog will know that what is next is a reward from you. 

When you repeat it, and it becomes a habit, they will get a sense of the system that benefits them. It keeps them safe from potentially harmful objects and saves you the trouble of cleaning up their mess or not finding your prized possessions.  

Reinforcement in a Caring Way

As mentioned, training your dog will take some practice to get them used to the verbal cues and the corresponding actions. Patience is integral in training your dog as you do the method of reinforcement. 

If you do your system daily, there is a higher chance that you can establish the bond between you and your dog more. Remember to be as caring as possible to your dog as you try and work on the reinforcement, not giving them a negative outlook that may make them turn against you.


Indeed, a dog can be viewed as your best friend. But in every relationship, there should be understanding and maintenance of trust to keep them grounded. Try out these games and tactics to train your dog to let go of that thieving habit and be the good dog they can be. Go and play with your dog, check out which method you can apply, and start today.

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