3 Most Common Questions People Ask About Dog Training

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3 Most Common Questions People Ask About Dog Training

Dogs have been humans’ loyal companions since prehistory. Aside from their charm and innocence, they are proven to be one of the smartest animals. According to a study, dogs have the intelligence of a two-year-old, making them ideal to undergo training. However, as dog parents, we can’t help but have questions about dog training. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about dog training.

1. Is There a Timeframe for Dog Training?

The most common practice is to train a dog as soon as you bring them home. It is the easiest way to change their behavior and skills from the beginning. However, some people adopt older dogs who were never trained. 

The truth is there is no specific time frame when you need to train a dog. There are dog owners who will train their puppies in basic obedience and manners but end up needing extensive training as they grow older due to difficulties getting along with other dogs or potty accidents.

2. What if I Adopt an Older Dog?

Not all dog owners buy or adopt puppies. Instead, some prefer adopting senior dogs from rescue shelters. Some dogs from rescue shelters have some kind of trauma that may cause them to become aloof around humans. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they were abused, but some dogs may come with their own issues.

Adopting an older dog is totally fine. However, keep in mind that these dogs need training more than other dogs. For example, the dog you may have adopted might have lived with a retiree often at their side. They may need to adjust to someone who is regularly out for work. 

As the owner, you might need to teach the dog your routine. In this scenario, the dog may experience anxiety because it does not see you around. Having other dogs at home can keep the senior dog accompanied until you come home.

3. Can an Older Dog Socialize with Other Dogs?

Dogs can also experience social anxiety if they have not been properly socialized. But is there a perfect time to teach dogs about socializing?

The skill of socializing is taught differently in dogs. Usually, “socialization” is not something that actively happens to them. Although they were known to be part of packs in the past, it may be more challenging to teach them the idea of being around other dogs. In addition, it may not be as simple as teaching them tricks in exchange for treats since they associate doing those tasks with a reward.

Socializing is not something dogs think about actively. Instead, they think about it depending on their past experiences. However, it does not mean they can’t learn the foundations of it later on. As owners, we need to teach them that the world is not as scary, mean, or dangerous as they think. It may not be 100% successful, but it pays to try.


Training a dog and teaching them new tricks is always a joy to dog owners. It may be difficult to achieve without proper training, but it sure is fulfilling once your dog learns the right behaviors. If you’re planning to get a dog, regardless if it’s a puppy or a senior dog, try to teach them good manners and proper behavior. Through dog training, build a connection with them and be closer to each other.

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