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Training Your Dog How to Walk Beautifully on a Leash

Training Your Dog How to Walk Beautifully on a Leash

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Training dogs how to walk beautifully on a leash brings about a good relationship with them. Dogs need to be trained to get used to the leash as they were not born knowing whether they should pull or lag behind. Teaching your dog leash manners may be challenging as they naturally move fast as compared to us and always want to explore their surroundings. Leashes constrain a dog’s behaviors naturally as they do not move as freely as they normally would. There are dogs that will want to keep running around, urinate, sniff, or even stop wherever they want. Thus, it is very important to train the dog on how to behave when you are walking with them by using the leash. It is very essential to make sure that you don’t allow them to pull, as they will almost always try to do. Here are some tips on how to train your dog to walk beautifully on a leash:

Getting started- you may need a slip collar to use together with the leash in case the dog has a pulling habit. This is because he may be able to slip out of the leash. Collars are ideal to help you in training your dog to get used to walking when on a leash. This will help keep them walking loosely on the leash. This is because slip collars look like regular flat collars although they have an extra loop that pulls them tightly in case the dog pulls. This keeps them from slipping out. There are actually many different styles of collars, and you may want to experiment to see which works best for you and your dog.


Always give the command- when you are training your dog, always make sure that you choose a phrase that makes your dog know it’s time to go. Something like, “let’s go” can be a nice phrase to get used to. Start by moving yourself as you say the words to the dog. It won’t take long for your dog to recognize this phrase.

Stop and go- in case your dog pulls at the leash, stop immediately as you wait. You should not budge or allow the dog to move forward when lunging or pulling. This will train your dog that in order to reach the destination he wants, he will need to leave some slack around the leash and not pull. When there is sufficient slack around the leash, then you can start moving. Always make sure that you are the one giving the command to move. When the dog tries to control the movement, always make sure that you stop.

Make it rewarding- when you are leaving the house, you should keep in mind that your dog will be competing with you for control of the walk. Thus make sure that you are close to your dog as much as possible. Use treats as well as praise to keep his focus on you. Whenever your dog turns and looks at you, make sure that you reward the attention that the dog has given to you. You can use a clicker to help this process; when the attention turns to you, click and treat your dog. Speak to your dog in a nice tone whenever he turns his attention to you, as well as when he obeys the command that you give about the leash. This will improve your dog’s manners, and he will know that you are the one who is commanding and not him. As long as the dog keeps walking on the leash, give him some rewards for good behavior. At the beginning, you should give him a lot of rewards, which must be reduced continuously as he goes on to learn more about how to walk on the leash.

Troubleshooting- sometimes you are unable to control the attention of your dog and his interest may be more on what is going on in the neighborhood. Your sweet talk and treats may not be good enough for him to pay attention to you. In such cases, you must stop until the dog has lost focus on the interest he has. Make sure that you don’t move until his interest is gone and the leash is loose. Give him the command and wait as you look in the opposite direction. Your dog will have no other choice but to follow your command. Remember, you are the pack leader, and it is up to you to display leadership to your dog.

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The Best Tips To Start A Successful Dog-Related Business To Make You Big Money


The Best Tips To Start A Successful Dog-Related Business To Make You Big Money
written by: joelwrites

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Having a business in the dog market is huge. There are so many people who have been making nice sums of money because of the dog market and cashing in on the owners of these dogs due to how they pamper their little pets. Dogs are practically just like humans based on how they are treated nowadays, and it is obvious that pampering is a common aspect among owners. If you are looking into starting a business in this market, be sure to know how to get started on the right path to succeed in this industry. Pet owners definitely expect the best of what you do for their dogs.

– Discover What Kind Of Business You Want And Know Its Demand

Always think about what is currently working. For example, dog clothes are extremely in season, and they never seem to get out of style. So many people are loving the clothes they can buy for their dogs. You can help create these clothes. Of course, this is a business that may be too difficult or specialized for some to consider, especially for those who do not have a large start-up capital.

You can also try out a dog-walking business. These services are very in demand in certain areas. If you are looking for a way to give other people an affordable service while also making big money, dog walking is the way to go. Some dog walkers are very experienced and may have a team to help them out. Most dog owners may need somebody to walk their dog out into the park for them. If you can spare the time, this can be a great business.

Of course, you can capitalize on that need and get into the day care business. You can create a spot for dogs to play around in and hang out with other dogs. A small resort for dogs is a wonderful business idea and is perfect for those who enjoy hanging out with their canine friends.

The key is to discover what kind of business is going to be in demand, and then find a way to make it reality. If you can find a problem and fill it, it could make you a good amount of money. It is vital to know if something is in demand. You can find out about all of these things by taking into account the business and what it currently entails.

– Know How To Get Your Service or Products Out There

Whatever your business may be, try to find ways to get your business out there in the eyes of your customers. How would you promote a dog-walking business? Basically, you can promote it throughout parks by using flyers. Do whatever you can to start gaining the attraction of people online. Understand the power behind using the right type of marketing. Take your time to realize what kind of advertising is best based on your business.

What is most profitable?

It all depends on what you can give to customers and how little money that you have. If you have little money, dog walking is obviously the best option since there is little money to be spent in this industry other than marketing costs. You can post a flyer and rely on referrals constantly. All dog-related businesses are profitable if you know how to turn them into a business and build it so it can make money without you doing anything.

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When working in the dog business, you need to know how to train dogs. You need to understand what makes a dog bite or what causes a dog to stop what they are doing. For this next section, you will learn some practical tips to help you train a dog. Even if a dog isn’t yours and your business is not related to being with dogs, you will find that you will be around a dog at some point. Use these practical tips to help you train a dog and help the dog behave when they are in your care. Whether you have a business or not, these tips will help you learn how to best train a dog. It is still good to know about dogs and their behavior despite not owning a dog.

Best Dog Training Techniques: Exploring What Is Available

– Teach them not to bite

All puppies will bite regardless of how much you love them. The key is to help them stop and discipline them while they are young. Teaching them not to bite is very simple. When they bite, all you have to do is tell them “no.” When they listen and they don’t bite, give them a treat to let them know that biting is wrong, and that will help them know that not biting is the way to go. Positive reinforcement is an excellent technique for training dogs.

– The Right Timing

The key to training a dog is to let them in on what is going on. For example, if you punish your dog a day after they do something wrong, they may not know why they are being punished. Understand that your punishment needs to be done at the right moment right after they do something wrong, so they understand why. Don’t cause physical harm to the dog–avoid situations in which either you or the dog gets mad or goes wild. Just letting them know about what they did wrong is good enough. You can show them a treat and let them know why they can’t have it, only when they do the right thing.

– Time

Understand that your dog personally really wants to help you out. Know that your dog’s mission is to please you as best as he or she can. So be very patient with them. It may take a little time before they come to understand how everything in this world works. Allow for them to learn and make mistakes. This will help them to achieve growth.

Dogs are a huge market. There is always going to be big money to be earned in this industry. If you know how to grow your services or products and you can promise that you will be helping others, then get your business started. It is the only way to succeed.

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