Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

My New Best Friend
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Choosing a pet is one of the most exciting adventures to share with your family. Just like the arrival of a child, choosing the right dog breed can bring much happiness to the family as a whole. There is much that involves choosing the right dog breed that each of your family members will want to love and appreciate. The dog is “man’s best friend,” and one must choose the breed that is most liked by the majority, either as a playmate, hunting companion, or guard dog. Some dogs need a lot of grooming while others do not. Each breed of dog has unique physical properties and personality as well as behavior. Thus, upon selecting a dog breed, one must choose a breed that fits the preferences of the household. There are questions that one must ask himself or herself before choosing the new member of the homestead who will share a lot between the family. Here are some tips that can help one in selecting the right dog breed that fits the family as well as friends:
Border Collies- these are one of the best companions in case you are looking for very smart dogs. These breeds like to have something to do always as they like to be busy. They can keep chasing animals around the homestead just to be busy. They are also good at looking after your children, and you should feel comfortable about them hanging out with the children.
Boston Terriers- these dogs were named this way because they were used as carriage dogs in Boston. They are cute little dogs and they have a perfect size as well as disposition. You can select them for your family as they have a popular “family” size.
Boxers- these dogs are one of the best choices for your family and friends as they are super friendly dogs that are always looking for a scratch or a pat behind the ears. They are a good size with little maintenance as well as grooming. But just like the pug, their snoring can be annoying to some people.
Beagles- these are cute breeds especially when they are puppies, as they have long ears and their eyes are sad. They are great pets for the family as they are tolerant with people and easy to get along with. One must make sure that he or she holds them securely during walks as they are hunting dogs and may want to chase any squirrel or rabbit that comes in their way.
Bulldogs- they are a perfect breed for the family, characterized by powerful bodies and wrinkled faces–get ready to see them come into a room just like a steamroller. They require very little exercise and this makes them a favorite in case you like just hanging out with dogs wherever you go.
Pugs- these are cute dogs that you can choose for your family and friends with a high level of confidence. They are cute little characters that are just like big dogs. They are able to withstand abuse by a toddler as well as playing with a teen. They are a great addition to the family as long as you are able to tolerate the snoring.
Labrador retrievers- these dogs come in several flavors that include black, chocolate, or yellow. This breed can be your best friend for life as they are known to be exceptional companions with great intelligence and loyalty. Be prepared that they can also be a little rambunctious when they are pups.
Golden retrievers- these dogs have a great personality similar to the Lab, and they are one of the world’s most popular breeds, as they are loving and smart and always looking for you. They will chase the ball for hours and watch after your children.

Doodles- this is a relatively new breed that is called the Goldendoodle, and it can give you personality galore. They are wonderful dogs as they are unique with minimal shedding, though they need more grooming. In case one is looking for a guard dog, it is better to look for another breed as they would rather run away from trouble instead of meeting it head-on.

As you can see, there are many wonderful breeds from which to select a family-friendly dog, including others not mentioned in this article. May your family be enriched by your new four-legged friend!

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