A Guide to Learning How to Train a Puppy with a Clicker

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A Guide to Learning How to Train a Puppy with a Clicker

As a pet owner, besides taking care of your dog and showering them with love and attention, part of your responsibility entails house training a puppy at an early age. One way to improve your methods is by incorporating a clicker to help teach your pet commands and tricks better.

With clicker training, it’s an enjoyable and easy process that highlights positive reinforcement, giving your puppy a treat as a reward every time they do well and follow your commands. Keep reading below to learn more information about using a clicker to train your dog. 

Why You Need a Clicker for Puppy Training

You can achieve successful clicker training depending on your dog’s ability to identify with the clicker’s sound and its connection to receiving a reward. Your goal is for your puppy to expect to get a treat each time they do as they’re told after hearing the clicker.

With a clicker in your hand, your puppy may be more inclined to obey your every command. However, all kinds of obedience training have their advantages and disadvantages. In the beginning, your puppy may not accustom themselves to the clicker immediately, nor will they be lured by treats. But with patience and proper techniques, you will slowly see your puppy reacting positively to the clicker. 

How to Train a Dog Using a Clicker

Begin with the Basics

First off, you have to keep in mind that you’re putting meaning behind the clicker each time you use it by connecting it with rewarding your puppy in the form of treats or toys. When your dog realizes that they will earn something good every time they obey you, you will have an easier time teaching them to follow your orders.

It will help to have a pouch full of treats whenever you begin training your dog. The moment you initiate your clicker, hand them the snack. You have to go over the process a few times until your puppy understands that they will receive a reward after hearing the clicker’s sound.

Test Out the Clicker

When your puppy gets used to the clicker, you can move on to slowly add the clicker to tricks and commands they are already familiar with, such as “sit” or “stay.” When you tell your dog to sit, you should press the clicker the moment their behind touches the ground before praising them and giving them the snack.

Whenever you celebrate your dog’s achievements, you are reinforcing good behavior and obedience. Choosing clicker training is an effective method of learning how to train a puppy and preparing them for other basic commands and house training.  

Focus on Positive Reinforcement

When you utilize a clicker to train your dog, that doesn’t automatically mean you can disregard the idea of bringing your puppy to a dog training near you. There will still be instances where your dog will not wholly follow your commands, but it’s best to remain patient and continue teaching them until they get it.

Regardless if you’re teaching a big or small dog, you can watch videos online or attend puppy training classes for a better understanding of using a clicker effectively. When you use positive reinforcement, you will find your pet becoming more responsive to you and your commands because of the treat or affection you’re giving them in return. 


It will take some of your time and energy to train your dog to listen to your every command. For best results, you should begin when they’re still a puppy so that they’ll be easier to train. If you want your dog to follow your commands, you should consider using a clicker. By beginning with the basics, testing out the clicker on tricks they already know, and focusing on positive reinforcement, you’re well on your way towards getting your dog to obey you. If you’re having a hard time training them, you can consider sending them to dog obedience school instead.

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