Improve Your Dog’s Skills with Schutzhund Training: An Introduction to the Schutzhund Approach to Training Dogs

Improve Your Dog’s Skills with Schutzhund Training: An Introduction to the Schutzhund Approach to Training Dogs

Improve Your Dog’s Skills with Schutzhund Training: An Introduction to the Schutzhund Approach to Training Dogs

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The Schutzhund dog training technique is simple and effective. In this process, your dog would be presented with different scenarios that require him to make a specific action. He would then be rewarded for making correct choices. The program is designed to motivate and give your canine recognition for being an intelligent, insightful creature that can work well with his master in any situation.

Through constant coaching, your dog would soon develop a happy and positive attitude. He would love to perform simple home duties without being coerced. Schutzhund works by stressing the innate drive impulse of dogs. It’s a procedural manual that teaches owners how to make their pets obedient. Some of the vocabulary that your animal would learn after completion of training includes:
1. Sit
2. Stand
3. Stay
4. Down
5. Fetch

How does it work?

The Schutzhund Approach is based on the principles of operant conditioning. The pet is taught motivational obedience, where following commands earn him an opportunity to fulfill his desire for good food and regular play. Ultimately, the animal should feel comfortable with training by being enthusiastic, alert, and focused.

This program is quite detailed and may also be used to teach your canine simple home manners, such as not barking aimlessly, reduced aggression, and toilet etiquette. Your pet will learn that it’s not okay to relieve itself within the living room. Moreover, owners also learn more about the drive theory and pack dynamics, including how they can be applied at home to make the dog calm, composed, and confident.


The rate of violent home break-ins is constantly increasing. Therefore, it pays to coach your dog with Schutzhund for absolute protection. Pets trained with this approach are perfect for high-profile personalities, executives, and young families. The canines can be trained to protect your adorable family members and assets.

Studies show that pets perform better in protection than security guards. This is because they are always alert and obedient to their owners. In addition, burglars would rather go for an unprotected home than that with a vigilant dog. Animals that successful pass through this program are well-tempered, social, and only react when necessary. The Schutzhund approach has been tested and officially registered by canine authorities. In essence, this technique would prepare your dog to be a trusted family companion and loyal protector. Practical guard dogs don’t require any unconcealed stimulation for them to engage potential intruders. Your pet would be equipped with skills necessary for addressing different situations such as:

1. Burglary prevention
2. House invasion
3. Car jacking
4. Manifold threat neutralization

Furthermore, most Schutzhund canines are taught using the popular agitation method. This helps your animal inculcate the ability to handle various stressful situations at once. During the training process, an agitator raises his hand while flaunting a stick. Meanwhile, the dog perceives this action as an impending threat and charges the person. Dogs in training are only trained to bite on the arm so as to bring the aggressor down but not hurt him. The canine would hold and release its victim only on your command.

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