3 Things You Can Do to Manage Your Dog’s Over-Excitement

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3 Things You Can Do to Manage Your Dog’s Over-Excitement

People tend to think that a dog that is constantly jumping, barking, or running in circles is cute, or that it is a sign that the dog’s incredibly happy! As nice as it may seem, it is a sign that the dog has too much energy and is unable to get rid of it by any other means. As an owner, you must understand that an energetic, excited dog does not always mean a happy dog. This can lead to serious misbehavior that may not just lead you to big trouble but also possible injuries.

Fortunately, things do not have to be left like this. There are many things you can do to manage your dog’s over-excitement, such as:

1. Stay calm

You can never calm your dog if you yourself are not calm! For that reason, it is first essential to understand what you must do when trying to calm your dog down. Do you try to calm them by shouting “quiet” or “no?” Do you give them plenty of belly rubs in an attempt to keep them still? 

If you are doing all of that, you are only encouraging them and adding to their excitement! The only time you should ever shout at them is to steal their attention away from a dangerous situation. In other times, being calm, collective, and acting in a quiet manner is the only way you can calm your pet down.

2. Keep their nose distracted

The main sensory organ that a dog relies on the most is its nose. Smells steal their attention, and they can get excited, cautious, or even calm depending on the smells they are picking up. 

If you find your dog to be always excited, using scents like vanilla can seriously calm them down. You can use these kinds of scents in various places like your bedroom, where you want your dog to be as calm as possible. Just make sure that they are not allergic to the smell! You can consult with the veterinarian to ask about what scents work best for your dog.

3. Don’t give them attention when excited

The biggest mistake you can make is to give them attention and affection when they are excited. Your dog will quickly correlate your love for their excitement, and will go about showing off their excitement when they want attention. Unfortunately, that is going to be all the time!

What you need to do when they are excited is to ignore them completely. Do not touch them, do not talk to them, and do not even make eye contact. If your dog tries to jump on you, push them back down. They’ll see that you do not like their excitement, and will start to calm down. When they do calm down, that is when you give attention and affection! Doing this will help your dog know that being calm is the best way to be rewarded.


To keep your dog’s excitement at manageable levels, you need to teach them that they will only get rewarded if they stay calm. However, there are many other tips you can definitely employ, such as wearing your dog out with physical activities, keeping the dog stimulated through games like fetch or an obstacle course, and a few others that are also effective at keeping your dog’s excitement managed. 

If you are having trouble in any case, consulting with professional trainers will be your best bet. They know how to handle dogs, and with their help, they will train your dog and teach you how you can effectively manage your dog’s overexcitement. 

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